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Learn everything you can do starting today to grow as tall as possible.

Gravity has known to hinder, suppress even reduce a person’s natural height because of the compression effects it leaves on the spine.

Your spine is one of the key factors for how tall you are. As the distance between the bones in your spine further, an increase of 3 to 6 inches can be added to your overall height. This practice is similar to the duration of having braces.

It takes time and patience for your body to re-adjust, as long as you follow the program these effects can occur and be progressively lengthened throughout your life.

As you begin to improve your posture by straightening your spine, your mind and body should communicate more effectively with one another to send signals to be aware of slouching and effects of spinal compression.

Growing taller is a direct result of monitoring your health, nutrition, diet, exercise and both mental and physical condition on a regular basis.

The use of inversion tables has also been used effectively to grow taller. The practice of hanging upside down allows your body to lengthen and elongate. A similar effect is utilized when sleeping on the floor, although instead of straightening your spine, you are using the effects of gravity by hanging upside down to exert pressure to stretch out your body.

As a member here, one of our core concepts is to give you the information you need to not only grow taller on a daily basis but to live a healthy and abundant life in every aspect of your life. Once you learn how to grow taller using proper nutrition, diet, stress reduction strategies, you’ll be able to take advantage of an increase of height through changing your body composition.

There are 8 billion cells in your body, through using mental and physical body composition strategies with basic stretches, exercises, and daily routine, you’ll be able to instantly see results in growth.

The top stretches you can start using starting as soon as today includes:

Hanging Exercise

Hanging with the arms stretching over your head from a high horizontal bar is another effective exercise that helps to boost an increase in your height. To practice hanging exercise properly, you should hang yourself from a horizontal bar and hold it for about 10 seconds before breaking off. After that, this process should be repeated several times before you can relax. If you want to have more stretch or more satisfactory result, you should bring your legs up in order for your legs to parallel to the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and then relax. You need to perform this exercise several times a week if you want to achieve the better result.

The Super Stretch

In addition to swimming and hanging exercise, the super stretch is an effective exercise on how to grow taller during & after puberty. In order to practice exercise, all things you need to do are standing upright and stretch your arms over your head as far as possible.

When you perform this stretch, you should lean your back slightly in order to enhance the stretch. Make sure that you feel that your lower spine is stretching. It is ideal to hold for about 4 to 7 seconds and repeat it several times during the day.

Toe-Touching Exercise

Like the super stretch, toe-touching exercise will improve your posture and make you grow taller. Stand upright first and then bend over to touch your toes. This exercise will help you to elongate your spine. You can stand or sit when doing this exercise. Toe touching is the great exercise that helps you to warm up before intense exercise. It is said that combining toe-touching exercise and the super stretch will give you the significant body stretch. Like the super stretch, you should hold the toe-touching position for 4 to 7 seconds and alternate between the toe-touching exercise and the super stretch several times in order to get the positive result.

Rope Jumping or Skipping Rope

Rope Jumping is not only the fun game but also the effective exercise on how to grow taller and increase height during puberty. When, you practice jumping rope, your body will erect and your back and your spine are stretched. Rope jumping will make your knees constantly bends while the calves expand vertically. This physical movement will help you to add bone mass into your lower legs; as a result, you will gain a few inches.


Swimming is one of the best methods on how to grow taller fast. Swimming is the great sport that helps to elongate your muscles. If you start early, you will reach the adequate height. However, it is recommended swimming at least for 2 hours daily and 4 or 5 times a week in order to get a more positive result in the short time.

The Effects of Drinking Milk and Increasing Height

Milk is highly regarded to as a primary source of calcium. Which is essential for the development of your bones. The hormones and chemicals pumped into cows have caused a lot of controversy on the consumption of milk, is it healthy for you?

The simple answer to that is no.

Be sure to find out exactly where the milk you’re drinking is being pasteurized. All raw, natural milk is what you should be consuming.