Day 9

How Many Glasses Of Water Should You Be Drinking Per Day?

Water is the most essential nutrient your body needs.

Water distributes the vitamins and minerals throughout your body allowing your bodies natural growth and recovery process to take place.

Without drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day, you’re actually putting yourself at a disadvantage at being able to grow your bodies natural potential height.

Inside our program, you’ll learn the exact benefits of drinking water as well as why drinking 2 glasses of water right after you wake up can lead to tremendous health benefits by eliminating all of the toxins in your body, resetting and boosting your bodies natural recovery and growth process.

You’ll also learn how water affects your spine and how drinking water can make you grow at least 2 inches taller in your first 30 days with our program.

Many people feel difficulty in falling into a deep sleep because they have irregular sleeping time. It is recommended sleeping at 10 pm every day. Staying up late at night will make difficulty in falling into sleep. Secondly, you need to create the comfortable environment to have a beauty sleep.

Make sure that you sleep in the dark room. If your room has strong lights, you should use the curtain to cover the window and the eye mask to block the light which may interfere into your sleep. It is needed to eliminate the certain factors that make you difficult to sleep, for example, noises and strong lights. Turn off the television and computer when you are ready to go to bed. It is said the light from your telephone may be harmful to your brain and your deep sleep. Therefore, when you sleep, you should keep the telephone far away from your bed. Teenagers should limit or avoid drinking caffeinated, especially before bed time. The possible reason may be that it can make your brain and your concentration gets tensed. Moreover, caffeinated drink and beverage will steal your beauty sleep time.

Instead of drinking coffee before bed time, you should opt for chamomile tea. Chamomile tea has the ability to make you tired; hence, you will easily fall into sleep. Furthermore, if you think drinking a glass of milk will make you gain weight or make your stomach upset, you should think again. In fact, many people find that drinking a glass of warm milk will increase their sleep quality. However, it is important to note that you should not add sugar into the milk because sugar will lead to sleep deficiency. If you want to ask me how to sleep easily, I would like to recommend taking a warm bath before bedtime. So, why to wait! Try these tips to get deep sleep and achieve the maximum height.