Day 29

Does Milk Actually Make Kids Grow Taller

Drink your milk kids – especially if you want to be tall. Did you know that drinking milk can make you taller.

There is a catch though; you need to drink milk when you are young. And moms – your milk drinking habits while pregnant can also affect the growth potential of your children.

To some people this will boggle their minds, but study how many nutrients are in milk and this won’t sound crazy at all– it is very logical. There have been numerous studies showing milks influence on growth. It makes sense, the more nutrients you give your body in your early formative years, the more your body will keep building to its maximum potential.

Milk has all the building blocks for life and drinking more of it will make you tall.

Milk is full of nutrients. Drinking more nutrients during formative years, will help you reach your maximum potential. If you want to be tall, drink milk.