Day 20

Height Gain

A restful sleep is one of the fundamental factors influencing the healthy growth of a child. Whether it is a small child or a teen, he needs to sleep at least 8 hours in a day. Adding to that, a total of 11 hours of sound sleep is considered far better for promoting healthy growth of the body. It is during the process of sleeping that the body regenerates its tissues and grows. The slow waves coupled with the deep sleep cycles helps in releasing the Human Growth Hormone which naturally increases a proper height. So, this means that as a child and a teenager gets enough restful sleep, his body has more scopes of growing to its maximum potential height.

There are several ways to ensure that you are getting enough sleep. Time management plays an important role here which will help you to keep aside sufficient time for your sleep. Secondly, creating an environment conducive to sleeping by eliminating strong lights and noises can contribute to induce sleep easily. It is also important that caffeinated drinks are not offered to children and teens and more importantly at bedtime to rob them of their precious sleep. On the other hand, however, relaxing teas like chamomile tea can be taken for a restful, deep sleep.

Eating healthy with a balanced diet plays a crucial role in the body’s healthy growth and development, both of which directly impact your height. To be able to grow to your full height, eat only healthy foods and give up on junk food items. Get more of fishes, dairy products, mushrooms, pork, tofu, eggs, alfalfa and all foods enriched with vitamin D.

Expose yourself to a healthy dose of sunlight too for more of this vitamin. It ensures a healthy development of the bone. Calcium too plays a crucial role in growth and development of bones. Include cheese, fortified cereals, green veggies, sardines and soybeans to get more of this nutrient. Let your body absorb more zinc through peas, eggs, chocolate, oysters, and asparagus. Note that lack of zinc is often the reason for the stunted growth in children.

Also, load up on the other essential nutrients like carbohydrates and protein. Consult the doctor if you should be taking nutrient supplements should foods not suffice. Eating three balanced meals in a day and healthy snacking in between boosts metabolism and promotes healthy growth.