Day 16

47 Tips on How to Grow Taller

Scientists have proven that 60% to 80% of your height is predetermined by genes. Other determining factors for your height include your diet, your lifestyle and other external factors. It does not mean you cannot grow tall if you have short genes. But it just means that having shorter parents may make you have more chance of being on the short side. Therefore, you can achieve the optimum height by changing your diet and lifestyle.

If you have your friends who are at your same age but hit a growth spurt while you do not grow any taller like them, it is time for you to make an appointment with your doctor. Although the conditions leading to a deficiency in human growth hormone are not popular, they still exist. When you see a health expert, he will help you to address and solve such problems and give you the helpful advice as well as ways that increase the chances of achieving the maximum growth potential.

Some childhood conditions like rickets will hamper and stunt your growth and development at an early age. When you reach the physical maturity, these conditions will also make it more impossible to grow fully. A doctor will suggest the healthy lifestyle and diet choices for you that increase the chance of getting your maximum growth potential.

However, even if you cannot grow any inches, you can make you look taller by following tips and techniques

Try Your Fit Clothes: Some people feel ashamed when they wear tight clothes. The possible reason may be that it is too exposed. In fact, you do not need to wear too tight clothes, but at least, you should try to wear form-fitting styles. It is said that wearing fit clothes will definitely add some visible inches to our appearance.

Get Rid Of Flat Shoes: Another tip on how to make you look taller is changing your shoes, especially if you often wear flat shoes. Flat shoes do not help you to increase any inches to your appearance. If you want to make your short legs look longer or accentuate your long legs, you should wear the shoes with short heels or at least a wedge. It is a quick way that helps you to look taller.

Black Is Best: If you want to ask the ways on how to look taller, I would like to recommend wearing black, which is the secret that most people have used. The possible explanation is that you black will show a unified look uninterrupted line. As a result, wearing black clothes will give the impression of length. If you do not want to look somber, you can add a few pops in the shoes or wear jewelry.

Try Skinny Jeans: The skinny jeans will add some visible inches to your appearance because it has the ability to lengthen the look of your legs. Therefore, wearing skinny jeans is a simple way that makes your legs look long and attractive.

Short Hair Styles: If you are short and disappointed of finding the effective ways on how to grow taller fast, you can improve your confidence and beauty by trying short hair styles. It is said that short hair will make you look taller while long hair cuts your height down. You should try the short hair that touches your shoulder. If you have longer hair and do not want to cut it, you can put your hair in the ponytail style.

Asking for the fast ways on how to grow taller, leg lengthening surgery becomes the modern medical intervention that make many people want to do in hope of increasing their height. The leg lengthening surgery may involve the process of breaking through the tibia and fibular (the bones of your lower legs) and then inserting a telescopic rod connecting them. This telescopic rod will lie outside your leg framework and has to be adjusted several times daily. This inserted rod will pull both bones which aim to make the new tissues fill the gap. The telescopic rod will pull about 1 mm daily and the process will last up to 6 months. After that, the patients need to follow the physical-demanding therapy for 3 to 6 months in order to recover.

However, in order to prevent possible damage and unwanted side effects, the doctor allows lengthening only about 3 inches of growth by lengthening surgery. Although 3 inches can be great for shorter people, it is important to keep in mind that the procedure of lengthening your legs is painful, expensive and may cause complications. Therefore, surgery is the last choice you should consider.